It looks like I have a lot to do

I’m now on my first semester’s final exam week. In fact, it’s 2 weeks. Assignments are given during the last minute so that we don’t have time to study. Which is a very important lesson to study smart instead of waiting till the last minute next time.

So, after this exam is over, I’ll have about 2 months of free and easy time as it’s the semester break and they only substitute it with some simple subjects.

There are a lot of things I have delayed doing due to my studies. Such as going out with friends, fixing my car, washing my car, cleaning my room, tidying up my computer system and network, etc…

2 months for all that? 2 months and I only have weekends to do those.

Anyway, I just hope to get through this exam well.

Office system a little messed up

Just a few days ago, I started organizing many of my files and migrating them into cloud storage. Specifically, I was organizing my study notes and placing them all in SkyDrive and as a backup, in Google Drive as well. It all went well when I installed the SkyDrive desktop application at my home PC and also on my work system.

However, when I opt to upgrade my office laptop’s Microsoft Office to 2013, it automatically installs a copy of SkyDrive pro and set it to link only to the company’s SharePoint server. This means my link to my own SkyDrive account is gone and I can no longer work on my files directly and have them directly synced to my SkyDrive.

This is a little set back but I still have Google Drive. I will need to tidy up many things including all my browser’s bookmarks.

I guess I’ll just post random crap in my blog after all

It’s been almost a month since the breakup.

We still act like almost nothing serious had happened and remained as normal friends. I wonder how she deals with it so easily? Why didn’t I see it earlier and initiate the breakup when there were so much better chance and environment to do so?

So anyway, I started my degree course in SEGi. And today I suddenly realized something. I am only doing this because I’m already in this path in my life. I don’t really like maths. I don’t really like solving hard technical or engineering problems for people and receive little to no credit for my solution.

I think maybe I’ll just endure with this degree and try my best to ace it. After that, I could probably find a permanent position in an Multi-national company which has a steady but light work load. I can  start doing some small side income and also probably start studying for another diploma which I might find interesting. Something which has totally nothing to do with freaking maths!

As of now. My class has a lecturer which thinks we have all the time in the world, and also thinks that his weekly assignments are so easy we can do it in a blink of an eye. Luckily, not all lecturers are like that.

What is this guy thinking? Doesn’t he knows that the “homework” he’s giving us requires lots of time just for research? And also what about our normal day job? And we are supposed to prepare for a presentation and a report?

This is going to be our first presentation tonight. I tell you, I suspect it’s going to be mostly rubbish from all groups.

A few lesson to learn in life as we hit roadblocks and failures

Yes, the pain is there. It’s not healing but getting worse. This is the worst time for this to happen, as I had already secure a stable working environment and have good working hours, I have started to look for a course to get my degree. However much I wanted to do it, put it as my goal and focused on it, this incident has just suddenly hit me in the head, stabbed me in my heart. But I need to look at the positive side of things. If only there is a way to do it quickly and easily.

If I can just access my memory like a computer and start deleting unwanted things and start all over again. It’s just not possible.

I sit here trying to think about lessons from this incident…

1. Don’t delay, don’t do it slowly. No matter how determined you are to do something, if you delay or take your time doing it, you’ll loose out and loose a lot. You’ll also be seen not having the determination despite what you already have in mind.

2. Do not sit still and be quiet. Turning left and right, I realized that I don’t have anyone to turn to or to speak to. I am on my own side and everyone is at the other side of the line. I’ve always thought the saying “Don’t speak if you have nothing better to say” was right. It was the worst advice I have followed or I might have followed the advice wrongly.

3. Communication, activity and routines. routines are good if they are healthy activities. It’s bad when you think it’s just something safe to hand on to. And bad when there’s no communication to let you know that it’s not going well.

4. Honesty: Lying, cheating and keeping secrets from each other hurts and keeps wounds open.

So what to do now? Think of something else. Focus on elsewhere and find something else to keep my mind busy and my heart happily pumping at a healthy constant rate.



Operation Proposal

Well, that’s a title for a Japanese series. Let’s just say I wish I can go back in time like the character in the show to see where I went wrong, and how I can fix it.

Or maybe my problems are way worse then what the guy is experiencing.

Last Friday, on the 15th February, just the day after Valentine’s Day, I tried to propose to my girlfriend. But it end up horribly wrong. I guess my doubt all the while has been true and deep in my heart, something I hoped not to happen happened.

I can’t really think of anything more to say here. Especially now, especially in my current condition.

I just hope something good happens to me soon so I can move on.

Let’s do it all over again

It’s time to start all over again. This blog I mean.

My last blog was unfortunately accidentally deleted when I forgot to back up my blog’s database before moving between web hosts. It’ll be a lesson learnt. Never abandon your website and ignore its maintenance when it’s hosted on a shared hosting on a shared account. When your friend decides to stop the hosting, you’ll end up rushing trying to back up all your items but sometime things just goes wrong.

I might not blog as often as I used to a few years ago, and my page views has declined from thousands per day, to hundreds per day and now, none! Despite that, I’ve removed all my Google ads a long time ago just to make my site more personal and runs faster. I’m not someone who earns a living by blogging, although it’ll be nice to get an occasional cheque from my blog’s earning once in awhile.

So 2013. I really should start by saying that it’s going to be a new beginning for me in life as well. I’ve been really down lately and especially 2012 was a very bad year for me. Job hopping really sucks and although we sometimes get to have better pay, we have to learn everything all over again. Make new friends and that means less time for things we really want to do in life.

For me this year, I should really start focusing on my studies again. Really start to focus on getting my degree like how I focused on getting my diploma earlier. I still can’t stop working so doing part time is the only way. Problem is, most part time courses are engineering and I’m actually hoping to do more computer related studies such as networking or programming. But life gives us choices and we can only select from those available to us right?

That’s one of my resolution this year. Another will have to be something I’ve put off and dragged from year to year. I’ve joined gyms but almost never attended any of the classes or use the facilities. I’ve always wanted to have a good 6 pax abs or at least 4 pax. I used to have them in school but that was because I was too skinny and there were so much sports activities to participate in at that time. Nowadays, it’s 5 days per week in the office, and 2 days of rest, and mostly, we get stuck in a traffic Jam.

So I’m thinking, maybe I should just do daily simple routines at home before work and start to be careful about my diet. Less carbs, less fat, more protein!

Finally, I really need to focus on my finances. I need to start thinking of ways to start a side business or good investment. I know that my job will not bring me richness or a good life even after I get my degree. Life just sucks like that. But I know not or how to do it. I just need a good plan and planning is something I’m not really good at. I’m hoping someone will just knock on my door with a good business proposal. (Keep dreaming!)

Anyway, Happy New Year, Happy Chinese New Year, Happy Valentines Day and have a good year ahead!

I should start posting more pictures for this blog no?